A wicked (and shared) sense of humour

Normajeane Ohlsson, a visitor with St Jude’s CVS in Brighton, writes:

“I have been visiting Gloria for a couple of years now and our friendship has become a very rewarding part of my life, as I’m sure it has hers.

We have fallen into a very nice routine where every Friday morning I pick her up at Brighton Aged Care and bring her to the 10am service at St Jude’s. Gloria’s father was an Anglican priest and church has always been a very important part of her life. After the service we stay for a cup of tea and a piece of cake where both of us enjoy having a chat and a laugh with the other people there.

Unfortunately Gloria’s eyesight and hearing are drastically impaired so I often have to work as a “translator” shouting into her ear what other people are saying but it works and she feels like she’s a part of the conversation. One of her biggest complaints about living at an aged care facility is loneliness, and I have noticed that most of the other people she lives with have some form of dementia which makes social interaction amongst them very difficult for her.

Gloria has had a fascinating life and has lots of stories to tell. She and her husband were once the housekeeper and chauffeur for Lord and Lady Hayward at Carrick Hill and she keeps me entertained with tales of the famous people she met while she was working there such as Barry Humphries who was a frequent dinner guests

Gloria is quite a character and has a wicked sense of humour which matches my own so we really hit it off from the start. I lost my own mother many years ago, whose personality was very much like Gloria’s so the close relationship we have formed has help to fill a void in my life as well as in hers.

October 2017