What is a Community Visitor?

A Community Visitor is a volunteer who befriends a socially isolated older person, or group, whether they be living in a nursing home or in their own home. Community Visitors carry out their volunteer visits alone, so our volunteers need to be highly trustworthy people who can work within the CVS guidelines without supervision.

People of many cultural and varied backgrounds are found in all sectors of the community and older Australians are no different. Therefore, prospective volunteers are needed from a variety of backgrounds, life experience, language groups, and ages.

Sometimes special volunteers are required to visit those with special requirements. Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders; culturally and linguistically diverse people; veterans; forgotten Australians; Stolen generations; Care leavers; LGBTI seniors; those with intellectual disability or mental health issues; people with sensory loss; those living with dementia – all need visitors who understand and are sensitive to their history and present circumstances.

A Community Visitor needs to have a willingness to learn about the issues around aging and an ability to be a listening and understanding friend. CVS organisations provide the accepted volunteer with the training they need to meet this requirement with the individual they visit. The CVS Coordinator is also there with support and feedback along the way.