Maureen and Dexter

Maureen has been a very loyal and understanding visitor for four years. At home, she had a beautiful little dog who was her dear companion, who sadly died in 2015. In time, Maureen decided to look for another dog. She heard of one in need of adoption that was just the breed she was looking for. Only problem was, the dog was in another town 700kms away.

Maureen decided to adopt him anyway and had him put on a plane without even meeting him. She picked Dexter up from the airport and when she opened the car door he jumped in and lay on the back seat as if he knew he was on his way home.

Dexter seems to be gifted for visiting. He is the sweetest little dog to look at and is incredibly intuitive to the needs of the humans around him. The lady Maureen was visiting at the time was deteriorating quickly with dementia. She was often agitated and aggressive and many times Maureen would turn up for a visit to be told ‘not today’. She asked if she could take Dexter in to see the resident. He sat on the seat next to her and she contentedly patted him, not needing any conversation.

Dexter didn’t have many visits with that lady before she died. Maureen asked to visit again and has been matched with another lady who is very much enjoying Maureen’s conversation and Dexter’s soft fur. She waits at the front door for them every Saturday at 10, and knows they are coming when she hears Dexter’s bell.

It has been a tough year for Maureen. Dexter has been a beautiful companion for her through the challenges and one of her joys has been to be able to share him each week with her new CVS friend.