Barbara says that before she met Christina she was “damn miserable!” Barb was living in residential aged care and was recommended for a Community Visitor. Now that she has Christina as her friend and visitor she says she “couldn’t be happier.”

For eighteen months Christina visited every Saturday. In the early days when Barb was more mobile the visits included outings, and they built lots of good memories together. They went to zoos; bowling; shopping; took Christina’s dog to the vet; had high tea and Christmas lunch with Christina’s family; played Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit (Barb wins); and generally enjoyed each other’s company.

But then things changed. Christina’s job took her interstate for two years. She did not give up on Barb though. Christina arranged with her employer to return to Adelaide once a month and has caught up on visits then. Christina says, “When I told my boss about Barb he was very understanding. His mother is in a home in England and he relies on others to visit her.”

Barb misses Christina when she is away. She worries about her and is sure she doesn’t eat properly. But she proudly shows off post cards from Christina and counts down the days until the next visit.

Community Visitors are often extremely loyal to the people they visit but Christina’s commitment to continue to visit Barb despite working interstate, is exceptional. “She is a pretty special lady, so she deserves it,” Christina says.