The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS)

The Community Visitors Scheme offers 3 different types of volunteer visitors for the isolated elderly.

CVS in South Australia is run by 29 different organisations across the state. Some are geographically based, while others have a specific brief, such as visitors for Indigenous Australians or visitors for elderly people requiring a particular language. Some organisations run quite small CVS programs, while others support over 100 volunteers.


When you apply to become a volunteer Community Visitor, the contact details and information you enter into our ‘Become a Volunteer’ Form will be directed to the organisation most appropriate to your location and the type of visiting you wish to do. The coordinator of that organisation will contact you and explain their selection criteria and application process to you.

The Australian Government requires that all CVS volunteers are Police checked, which the CVS Coordinator will arrange for you.

It can take up to two months for your application to be processed and a suitable recipient to be identified, so the sooner you apply the sooner you can be meeting your new CVS friend.


If you, or a client, feels they would benefit from having a social visitor, the first step is to fill in our ‘Request a Volunteer to Visit’ form. Your request will be forwarded to the organisation most able to meet the social needs of the recipient, so be sure to include language, gender and any other special circumstances. The Coordinator will contact you for further information about you or your client.

All CVS organisations keep a waiting list of older people requiring a visitor. Matches are made on urgency and suitability of the volunteers available to visit, not on length of time waiting. Visiting is about friendship and matches are given careful consideration to provide the best chance of enjoyment for both the volunteer and the recipient of the visits.

Please remember, if you are requesting a visitor for yourself, you must be a resident of an Commonwealth Funded Aged Care Facility or in receipt of a Commonwealth Aged Care Package.